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5-6 December 2018
Historic Ships 2018 - Call for Papers

From the trader junks of China to the battleships of WW2, historic ships are an important link to our seafaring past. And as the skills and techniques used to construct and operate our historic ships fade out of living memory, now is an important time to highlight the struggles of researchers, enthusiasts and engineers as they preserve and restore our maritime heritage.
RINA’s Historic Ships conference returns for a fifth instalment that will not only focus on the restoration and preservation of historic vessels, but also the research and investigation into the engineering and efficiency of historic designs through modern naval architecture techniques.
Papers are invited from naval architects, academics, and enthusiasts on all related topics, including:
    Analysis of historic designs, including investigations into their hydrodynamic efficiency and structural design
    Research into historic shipbuilding and sailing techniques
    Restoration and preservation
    Maintenance of craft skills and training
    Replicas and their concession to the modern world
    Recent archaeological discoveries
Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit their paper for publication in the International Journal of Maritime Engineering.

London, UK

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