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14- 15 November 2019
3rd International Conference of Nautical and Maritime Cultur

The CNM conference, organized by “Associazione Italiana di Tecnica Navale” (ATENA), is one of the major Italian scientific events on maritime and nautical culture. The conference will take place in two days, November 14th and 15th 2019, covering all the conceptual and theoretical aspects connected to the research in engineering, history, architecture, economic, and social sciences fields. After the great success of the previous two editions, about 100 contributions are expected which will be organized in parallel sessions by topic. The CNM 2019 conference will be held in Naples, with the aim of promoting the dialogue between scholars, professionals, and those who are involved, with their particular skills, in research, development, and enhancement of sea culture.
An international scientific Committee, representative of international academic and cultural institutions, will review the extended abstracts assuring the scientific quality of the conference. Professors Antonio Scamardella (University of Naples Parthenope) and Ernesto Fasano (University of Naples Federico II) have been engaged to chair the CNM 2019 Conference Scientific Committee. The extended abstract (max 5000 words) can be composed in either English or Italian language. After the approval, the contributors will be allowed to present their work during the conference. Moreover, provided that English language has been chosen, a full-length paper (max 10 pages) can be submitted to be included in the conference proceedings and indexed by SCOPUS.
Since the dawn of history, the sea represents an environment that connects and divides human societies. However, its liquid boundaries have never been insuperable barriers for man. Nowadays as well as in the past, human beings cut through the sea to discover, inhabit and connect the entire known world. In order to face the sea, they develop increasingly ingenious and innovative technological solutions. On the seashore, they build up cities, ports, increasing the productive capacity and establishing new commercial and political relations. At sea, the essence of human evolution is still expressed and sublimated, despite the virtual interconnection of the modern world: the constant tension towards the unknown and the attempt to go beyond the knowledge limits. This is a path marked by discoveries, failures and transitions, that are the milestones of the secular man-sea relationship.

Naples, Italy

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