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15-20 October 2017

ICMM members have met together since the early 1970s and this Congress is the 18th such meeting. ICMM conferences enable worldwide delegates to network, share expertise and resources, and to learn about the lates best practices in maritime muesums operations and management from around the world.
The conference theme is Discoveries!, with recognized speakers and subject specially selected for the event.
During the conference there will be formal presentations by delegates and workshop sesiones, as well as a social programme of formal and informal activities.
All sessions will be conducted in English, and there will be simoultaneous translate to spanish.

Valparaiso, Chili

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9 November 2017
Conference 'Ship in the Storm. Historical Context in the Baltic Sea'

In the framework of the opening of a new navigation history exhibition 'Maritime Disasters and Lithuania' and a renovated complex of the Lithuanian Sea Museum.
The conference will focus on topics of maritime disasters and life saving on the sea.

Klaipeda, Lithuania

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22-27 October 2018
15th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 15)

Local and inter-regional traditions in shipbuilding.
Each region has its own shipbuilding traditions that reflect the particularities of its nautical area, mainly its geographic and economic specificities but also on its political, social and cultural characteristics. The more pronounced these particularities, the stronger and more persistent the traditions. Beyond the local level, strongly marked by specific activities on a limited scale, these same phenomena can also be found at a regional level and, more broadly, within the well-defined spaces of inland water navigation, and within enclosed sea areas. However, when the maritime space widens across the open sea, specificities fade to make room for more common traditions that tend to a certain universality as maritime spaces are increasingly global. lt is in this context that changes in shipbuilding traditions occur, with the contradictory interplay of local or regional resistance and interregional reciprocal influences, which may lead to transfer of technology.
Depending on the scale and nature of maritime exchange, and depending on the extent of maritime areas being studied, these developments will be more or less rapid and more or less complex. lt is these interactions between local and interregional traditions, open seas and enclosed seas that we seek to demonstrate through examples from nautical areas as varied and representative as possible.

Marseille, France

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