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17-19 October 2018
ICMM Regional Conference - Call for Papers

PORTS – NODES OF GLOBALIZATION – History, Perspectives, Museums
Ports have always been hubs of global economic and socio-cultural relationships.
The German Port Museum, with the public Foundation of the Historic Museums Hamburg is currently developing a new national museum dedicated to the history and presence of German ports and their connections to the world. The future German Port Museum will be a place where the port serves as an explanatory model of global economic and socio-cultural connections.

Hamburg, Germany

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22-27 October 2018
15th International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology (ISBSA 15)

Local and inter-regional traditions in shipbuilding.
Each region has its own shipbuilding traditions that reflect the particularities of its nautical area, mainly its geographic and economic specificities but also on its political, social and cultural characteristics. The more pronounced these particularities, the stronger and more persistent the traditions. Beyond the local level, strongly marked by specific activities on a limited scale, these same phenomena can also be found at a regional level and, more broadly, within the well-defined spaces of inland water navigation, and within enclosed sea areas. However, when the maritime space widens across the open sea, specificities fade to make room for more common traditions that tend to a certain universality as maritime spaces are increasingly global. lt is in this context that changes in shipbuilding traditions occur, with the contradictory interplay of local or regional resistance and interregional reciprocal influences, which may lead to transfer of technology.
Depending on the scale and nature of maritime exchange, and depending on the extent of maritime areas being studied, these developments will be more or less rapid and more or less complex. lt is these interactions between local and interregional traditions, open seas and enclosed seas that we seek to demonstrate through examples from nautical areas as varied and representative as possible.

Marseille, France

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8 - 9 November 2018
European Maritime Heritage Congress for the European Maritime Heritage and Europes Maritime Museums

A congress with Europe’s maritime museums to expand cooperation with the renovation, preservation and operation of museum ships in Europe. Everything in order to preserve the European Maritime Heritage.

Stockholm, Sweden

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22 - 24 November 2018
International Conference “Port cities and maritime routes in Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (18th – 21st century)”.

After the successful completion of the International Symposium “Culture and Space in the Balkans 17th – 20th century”, the concept of proceeding a similar scientific meeting concerning culture, ekistics and anthropogeography arised among a group of members of the Organizing Committee of the Symposium that was held in 2014 at the University of Macedonia (organized by the Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies).
Within the specified historic timeline (18th – 21st century), three geographic thematic fields are defined: Europe, the Balkans and the “Greek area”, with an increasing importance for the third one.
During the 18th century the geopolitical environment of Eastern Mediterranean is being reconstructed, while Great Britain dominates in colonial maritime commerce with cities of significant importance, such as Alexandria, Antiochia and Constantinople.

Athens, Greece

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5-6 December 2018
Historic Ships 2018 - Call for Papers

From the trader junks of China to the battleships of WW2, historic ships are an important link to our seafaring past. And as the skills and techniques used to construct and operate our historic ships fade out of living memory, now is an important time to highlight the struggles of researchers, enthusiasts and engineers as they preserve and restore our maritime heritage.
RINA’s Historic Ships conference returns for a fifth instalment that will not only focus on the restoration and preservation of historic vessels, but also the research and investigation into the engineering and efficiency of historic designs through modern naval architecture techniques.
Papers are invited from naval architects, academics, and enthusiasts on all related topics, including:
    Analysis of historic designs, including investigations into their hydrodynamic efficiency and structural design
    Research into historic shipbuilding and sailing techniques
    Restoration and preservation
    Maintenance of craft skills and training
    Replicas and their concession to the modern world
    Recent archaeological discoveries
Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit their paper for publication in the International Journal of Maritime Engineering.

London, UK

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15 - 20 September 2019
ICMM 2019 Congress

The next ICMM biennial Congress returns to Northern Europe with a unique format.
The Congress begins in Stockholm, Sweden on Sunday 15 September, then moves by Baltic ferry - with Congress sessions onboard - to Mariehamn in the Åland Islands of Finland. Here the Aland Maritime Museum hosts the final days of the Congress.
The Congress Programme Committee has been formed, under the leadership of David Wright, Director of the National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy.
More Congress details will be added to the website as organisation of the Congress proceeds.
It’s an ICMM Congress not to miss, so book the dates now: 15-20 September 2019

Stockholm, Sweden -at sea - Mariehamn, Aland, Finland

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