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New wooden clinker fishing boat build in Denmark

At the boatbuilding yard in Slettestrand (North Jutland) in Denmark, boatbuilders have started constructing a new clinker, costal fishing boat to the small-scale fishermen in Thorupstrand. It is the first wooden, clinker-build, (professional) fishing boat build in Denmark in the last 14 years as nearly all new fishing vessels in Denmark are made from steel and fiber glass.

In Thorupstrand the boats are hauled up on the beach after a day of fishing, and because of this practice of ‘landing at the beach’ the clinker method is crucial as it makes the hull flexible and strong at the same time. The new boat is 14 meters long and about 5,5 meters wide. It has been designed in a collaborative process between fishermen, boatbuilders and ship engineers in order to make the many considerations come together. The plan is to launch it at Slettestrand around new years 2016/2017.

The boatbuilding yard will be open every day until the 8th of August and thereafter the first Saturday in every month, letting visitors see the work and follow the building of the new fishing boat closely. At Slettestrand, they are hoping that this boat will encourage more small-scale fishermen in Denmark to consider ordering a wooden boat the next time they are looking for a new fishing boat.

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