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AMMM annual conference

For several years, EMH has enjoyed reciprocal membership facilities and friendly relations with the Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM). Two members of our Executive, Thedo Fruithof and John Robinson, were privileged to address the annual AMMM Forum in Genoa.

The conference was devoted this year to Museums and Cultural Seascapes. In a session devoted to ‘Networks’, Thedo described the role of EMH as a working interface between the owners/operators of traditional vessels in European waters, and the maritime museums and heritage centres responsible for interpreting maritime history to a wider public. He described the role of the Barcelona Charter in promoting ‘best practice’ in the restoration and safe operation of vessels with historic significance. The Charter has been translated into fifteen languages, including Chinese, and is gradually gaining acceptance well beyond the frontiers of Europe. John followed with an account of the International Historic Ships Panel, which works under the aegis of the International Congress of Maritime Museums (ICMM) to harmonise best practices for ship preservation on a worldwide basis. He stressed the importance of email contacts in providing a fast-acting network of advice and mutual support for those who consult the Panel. The Forum itself provided an opportunity to create fresh links between the seven nations represented there (Croatia, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom).We hope to welcome some of those new friends to our Congress in Pasaia in September 2016

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