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Bridge versus Boat

The Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham. currently organise an international heritage conference and is looking for contributors.

The conference (to take place in 2017) is called BRIDGE: The Heritages of Connecting Places and Cultures. The conference seeks to engage in an open multi-disciplinary analysis of the heritage of bridges –not only as physical structures connecting places and cultures but also as symbolic and metaphorical markers in the landscape. It seeks to explore the relationships that places, cultures and communities develop with bridges and to discuss how and why societies value bridges as an integral part of their heritages. The organisers wish to examine the full range of meanings we ascribe to the bridge in social and cultural life. The conference welcomes academics from the widest range of disciplines and wishes to act as a forum for exchange between the sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The conference will draw from anthropology, archaeology, art history, architecture, engineering, ethnology, heritage studies, history, geography, landscape studies, literature, linguistics, museum studies, sociology, tourism studies etc.. Indicative themes of interest to the conference include alternative bridge crossings such as tunnels and ferries. And that’s where EMH members come in. Bridges form a threat to boats. They take you out of business, form a navigational threat or a delay at best. Or is there more to say about the relationship between bridges and boats? Think it over.

The conference will take place at the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge Gorge – the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the home of the World’s first iron bridge.

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