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EU regulations - EMH informed EU Rapporteurs

The EMH motto “No income, no upkeep” makes us struggle with the regulations for passenger ships for already many years. We estimate their number above 1000 ships, all complying with national safety regulations.

In this field the EU directive 2009/45 is leading in Europe. As a revision of this directive is feasible EMH tries to influence this process. Two members of the EMH Safety Council have visited recently mrs Aiuto and mr Facioni of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Their intention is to plea for a definition of ‘traditional ship’ as in EU directive 2002/59 in the new Passenger Ship Directive. As soon as a definition has been accepted it will be possible to combine this definition with special rules for traditional ships.

Both mrs Aiuto and mr Facioni were impressed by the contribution of EMH and promised to bring the information forward to the Council and the Commission.

Read more in the attached letter.