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New Rules and a new Board for EMH

There is a change of the guard. Not only a new board is now in place, its members will march to new rules too. Hendrik Boland (NL) has stepped down as president and handed responsibilities over to David Morgan (UK). Hendrik oversaw the work that lead to the New Rules and the reorganisation of EMH. EMH from a platform organisation now is a recognized association, a much stronger organisational structure which, among others, opens up possibilities for EU funding.
Apart from Hendrik, John Robinson, Pablo Carrera Lopez (Galicia) and Holger Bellgardt (Baltic Sail) stepped down from the board. All served in the board for many years and contributed tremendously to the advancement of the interest of EMH and traditional ships in operation.
Lars Palm (SE) and Thomas Hoppe (GE) are new appointed board members.

Honorary members

Thirty years ago Thedo Fruithof and Wim Bloemberg planted the first seed for what was to become EMH. Funding was found for an inquiry among European maritime museums and traditional ships associations. The survey was carried out by Henk Dessens of the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. As a spin off, a congress was organized, 25 years ago today.  At the following congress three years later the Maritime Museums called for owners of traditional ships in operations to continue the good work and pick up the baton. And so they have. EMH was founded and to this day the Maritime Museums remained connected to EMH as  advisory members.
Thedo, John Robinson (UK) and Hendrik (members of ship owners associations, at that time) were key players in the founding or establishing of EMH and now are rewarded for their good work and appointed Honorary Life Members.
Thedo will still form part of the EMH board, Hendrik and John, as mentioned, have stepped down.

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