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EMH present at “Dia da Marinha do Tejo” in Lisbon

EMH was invited as official guest to be present at the Portuguese “Dia da Marinha do Tejo” on the 17th of June in Lisbon. On that festive day tens of beautifully decorated wooden sailing ships sailed to Lisbon and dropped their anchor. The skippers and crew were brought ashore to the Market Place to meet the official guests: the mayors of the rivertowns alongside the Tagus and – not in the least – the president of Portugal: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. He also greeted the EMH with a warm welcome.

EMH was witness to a beautiful and impressive ceremony, very carefully organized by Professor Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues and his team. But most of all the meeting of the skippers, their crew and the official guests, the mayors and even the president of the republic, showed a firm sense of togetherness by the mutual promise to help each other.  Only when we all work together we can really safeguard our joint maritime heritage, and hand it over to younger generations safely. This festival not only consolidated the ties between Portugal and the EMH, but also taught us valuable lessons about organizing heritage events. And on top of that, about elaborating an intelligent strategy to safeguard maritime heritage for future generations.

Read more about the ceremony and the valuable lessons in this article, which will also appear in the Portuguese maritime magazine Revista de Marinha.

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