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John Robinson (1943-2018) passed away

This is to bring you the very sad news that our very gently and great friend, John Robinson, died last Saturday 28 April after a battle with cancer and the last few weeks in hospitals in London and Gloucester and latterly a care home near his home in Stonehouse.

John has contributed in EMH from the beginning in a very friendly and constructive way. He has shown and shared his knowledge of both maritime and industrial heritage in a very respectful and friendly manner to many friends. He was one of the pillars of EMH, had a good pen and he produced many interesting articles to show the importance of the common maritime heritage in the world.

John was an active member of Heritage Afloat / Maritime Heritage Trust and since years he was the representative for the UK in EMH. Many years he was member of the Executive Committee as Minute Secretary and later as Honorary Treasurer. In 2017 he became honorary member of EMH.
He contributed in the World Ship Trust, National Historic Ships UK, Hermitage Community Mooring, the European Federation of Associations of Industrial and Technical Heritage and many other organisations.

We lost a very amiable man and we remember the loss for his wife and family.

Read here the tribute on the website of the Maritime Heritage Trust