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Two Danish EMH pioneers passed away

Jørgen Josephsen (1935-2018) died unexpectedly after a routine operation on Saturday 5 May. By coincidence his longtime friend and colleague Arne Gotved (1939-2018) died the day after on Sunday 6 May after a battle with cancer.

Arne was chairman of the Danish Wooden Ship’s Association from 1986 to 1998, and again from 2002 to 2006, and as such he shaped and developed the organization from being a “loose” gathering of traditional ship lovers to becoming a political player on the Danish cultural scene. He was also one of the founders of EMH, and as chairman of the EMH Cultural Council he was the driving force behind the creation of the Barcelona Charter.

Jørgen was for many years vice chairman of the Danish Wooden Ship’s Association, and often he said that his duties were to bring out toasts at dinners and gatherings, and to yell “RE-ELECTION” when the chairman was up for re-election. But Jørgen did so much more than that. For years he was the Danish national representative to EMH, and both EMH and the Danish Wooden Ships Association benefitted from his knowledge and experience.

Arne and Jørgen was an inseparable team both on the Danish traditional ships scene and within the EMH, and when they retired from EMH in 2008 they were both named honorary members of the EMH.

By coincidence they passed away only one day after each other which in a very strange way served to underline their inseparability.

They will be missed in EMH and on the Danish traditional ships scene, and our thoughts and compassion go out to their wives and families.