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Published on behalf of the EMH by Danish Schooner Charter
Astjernegade 20 E, DK - 3000 Helsingør, Denmark. E-mail: emh[at]

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EMH Newsletter no 27 May 2011

  no 28 March 2012
A revival for lateen rig in Croatia - the Latinski Idro regatta at Murter
Fifie becomes national Flagship
The changing face of Heritage Afloat
An overview of Germany
EMH collaborates in new Mediterranean regional initiatives
Baltic Sail Agreement extended in 2011
Keeping traditional ships sailing - a world-wide problem
Viapori project: Art exhibition in Suomenlinna
The Zompen of Enter (Enterse Zomp)
Nyhavn and the old ships
Notes from Canada
Ole Crumlin-Pedersen 1935-2011
Flashlight: Generał Zaruski
EMH Newsletter no 27 May 2011   no 27 May 2011
Spring meeting of EMH Executive
Fifie becomes national Flagship
The Croatian Brazzera
3rd Haikutter Regatta from Nysted, Denmark, to Rostock, Germany
Vytine - a secret of Lithuanian history
EMH Newsletter no 26 March 2010   no 26 March 2010
World’s oldest motor lifeboat re-launched
Message from the President
EU Maritime Day on May 20th
Mediterranean concern for fragile maritime cultural heritage
Intelligent re-use of the icebreaker Sampo
Plans to save Generał Zaruski
EMH Newsletter no 25 April 2009   no 25 April 2009
The rebirth of the large floating crane Langer Heinrich
Anxiety over sailing-ship safety
Secretary’s Report 2007
Fishing the European Coast
Lugger tackles the Southern Ocean
Associação Portuguesa do Património Maritimo
EMH Newsletter no 24 September 2008   no 24 September 2008
Working group meets in Vigo
How can you support EMH
EC consultation on Value Added Tax (VAT) Reduction
Phoenix Rising
Successful Operation and Upkeep of Replicas in Today’s Shipping World
Malta congress of Maritime Museums
Xavier Pastor Quijada
Financial Report 2007
International Conference:Maritime Traditions in European Waters. What’s On?
What is Heritage Afloat?
EMH Newsletter no 23 December 2007   no 23 December 2007
EMH Congress Rotterdam: Maritime Heritage is an integrated part of modern shipping
Employment opportunities in maritime heritage
Award for Thedo Fruithof
Estonia recovers her Maritime Heritage
Maritime Heritage essential for EU Policy
New Executive Comittee
Rotterdam Declaration
The last Trabaccoli of the Adriatic Sea
  no 22 February 2007
European Maritime Heritage Triennial Congress 2007 in Rotterdam
EMH and it's congresses
Message from the President - Maritime Heritage: Element of a future integrated Maritime Policy of the EU
Wim Bloemberg 1941 - 2006
The history of SS Schaarhörn
Programme of the 6th EMH Congress 2007
The restauration of the Machiavelli, a "Carloforte battello" from 1869
  no 21 July 2006
Sail Training International nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
The 6th EMH congress will be held in Dunkerque
EMH website updated
Empty chapter opportunity for traditional shipping
President’s Keynote - Let's tell the Stories!
EMH Stories of Success - No income no upkeep... Preserving Thames Barges through commercial charter
Well attended conference in Rostock-Warnemünde
The Cilicia - a medieval vessel of the Armenian Kingdom
Traditional boats on the web
  no 20 February 2006
The last fleet of lateen rigged boats in operation
European Maritime Heritage - A Part of the Future Integrated Maritime Policy of the European Union!
Traditional Sailing in maritime Finland
EMH Stories of Success - Preservation and reutilization of traditional River Tagus'boats
Famous Mittendorf book reprinted
  no 19 August 2005
Lithuania in search of its Maritime Heritage
International cooperation makes it possible!
The new Maritime Museum of Cesenatico
President’s Keynote - Traditional ships and traditional seamanship - relevant in today’s Global World?
EMH Stories of Success - The Schooner Fulton
EMH Safety Council: Signature number nine is underway
Lottery windfall gives Lydia Eva new lease of life
  no 18 March 2005
The Bantry Bay gig, a successful replica vessel
EMH implements “Regional Membership”
Meeting the umbrella groups
The inauguration of the new maritime museum of Genoa
Lowestoft to welcome back sailing trawlers
  no 17 October 2004
Possible EU banning of wood tar was one of the major concerns of the EMH Congress 2004
Retiring President Celebrated
New Executive Committee elected
A word from the new President
The Canadian Canoe Museum - Preserving Our National Heritage
Maritime Culture celebrated in Australia - The Australian Wooden Boat Festival takes place in Hobart
The Barcelona Charter now available as a booklet
  no 16 June 2004
Programme of the 5th European Maritime Heritage Congress Karslkrona, Sweden
From the president’s log: Why does EMH have Congresses?
The Venetian association “El Felze”
The Polish Maritime Museum and maritime heritage around the Baltic Sea
Maritime culture initiative in Palermo
Inland waterways from Rhine to Brussels
  no 15 October 2003
Traditional craft of the Tagus Estuary - Museu de Marinha on the path towards preservation of Portugal’s maritime heritage
From the President’s Log
The EMH at present
Jacques Chauveau 1925 - 2003
  no 14 April 2003
The Barcelona Charter signed
The Barcelona Charter
English trawler restored in Sweden
Scrapping rules slightly loosened in Denmark
Where to see the maritime heritage this summer
  no 13 December 2002
A Flying Dutchman sails into the 21st Century
World Ship Trust Awards
European Logger Project
Classic Week 2003 in Svendborg, Denmark
  no 12 September 2002
Twenty years of Lateen - Rig Regattas at Stintino
10 Year Anniversary of the EMH
History of the EMH: From Network to a European Umbrella Organisation
Safe Operation of Traditional Ships - A Common European Approach
Preservation and Operation of Traditional Ships as a Public Objective - Cooperation with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Books: Schooner Sunset: the Last British Sailing Coasters
  no 11 February 2002
Preserving the maritime heritage in different cultural surroundings - Scientific exchange between Japan and the EMH
The Difficult European Approach to Culture and Heritage
Sails and Cotton
  no 10 September 2001
The 4th European Maritime Heritage Congress in Barcelona
From Research to Operation - Material and Techniques of Preservation or: Have we lost our Instinctive Sense?
Saving Alma - Finland’s oldest wooden ship
  no 9 June 2001
Sharing our Ships
The Thorny Question of Decommissioning in the British Fishing Fleet and its Impact on our Fishing Heritage
Nautical Cartoons - Part 5
The EMH President invites you to participate in the 4th Common European Maritime Heritage Congress in Barcelona
  no 8 April 2001
The Schooner Bonavista preserved in Europe
Saint Nicolas in Dalmatia
Programme of the joint congresses: 1st Congress of European Maritime Museums & 4th Common Maritime Heritage Congress
Knowledge Partnership in Northern European Traditional Boat and Ship Building
What is a steamboat?
  no 7 Januari 2001
4th Common European Maritime Heritage Congress in Barcelona 28-29 June 2001
Gajeta Falkuša - Wooden Heritage of the Boat (UNESCO-Workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia)
Lilian and the EMH Lambeth Reception
Nautical Cartoons - part 4
  no 6 October 2000
Memorandum of Understanding signed
That’s what they said... Statements concerning the MoU
The European approach to safe operation of traditional ships
Memorandum of Understanding
»Carmen Flores« reborn as »Santa Eulàlia«
Nautical Cartoons - Part 3
EMH in the Mediterranean
  no 5 Juli 2000
The Wilhelmshaven Process: Mutual recognition is getting closer
A closer look at Lilian of Stockholm
Marketing ideas for the use of traditional ships in tourism Results of a dissertation
Events 2000
Nautical Cartoons - Part 2
  no 4 April 2000
Italian pride in British-built steam tug
Maritime Heritage 2000 in the coastal region of the European Union 10-13 July
Classic fruit schooner returned to Spain
Luxury steam yacht repatriated
Events 2000
IL Nuovo Trionfo - a working horse of the Adriatic Sea
Nautical Cartoons - Part 1
  no 3 January 2000
MS »Stubnitz« - a factory ship preserved as a floating cultural centre
Paid to stay away
The Wilhelmshaven Process - The European approach to safe operation of traditional ships
But Honey... It followed me home!! ...adopting a stray boat - »Elve«, U.K. Reg. No. 166608
Books: Les Bateaux Traditionnels du Monde Entier
President’s Column
In the belly of a gentle whale
Safety regulations for inland vessels
Events 2000
The National Register of Sailing Monuments, NL
  no 2 October 1999
The work of the EMH Safety Counsil: Aiming at mutual acceptance of safetyregulations on European level
Portuguese Umbrella under construction
Historical ships and boats: How dangerous are they?
A Unique Spanish Lady
Discussions per E-mail
Winter is coming...
Advertisement of loss: Figurehead missing
  no 1 Juli 1999
President’s Report 1998
3rd Common European Maritime Heritage Congress
Scrapping in Germany
Books: Traditional Fishing Boats of Britain and Ireland
The Place of Yachting in Maritime Heritage
L’Associazione Vela al Terzo di Venezia - Lug Sail Association - Venice
Maritime Heritage - Our Common European Culture
Steam Tug back in Service