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General Assemblee meeting Scheepvaatmuseum Amsterdam

Twentyfive years after the first Common European Maritime Heritage Congress the General Assemblee celebrated the new excepted Rules for EMH. During this meeting Hendrik Boland, Thedo Fruithof and John Robinson were honored as Honorary members of EMH. Amsterdam, June 2017

EMH Working group 2012 Chatou Ile des impressionistes

Ten nationalities together during the EMH Working Group meeting under the most famous balcony in France on the Island of impressionists, Chatou March 2012. Fournaise museum

EMH Working group 2012 Chatou Sequana

The EMH Working Group invited for lunch by the mayor of Chatou in the Sequana boatshop, March 2012 SequanaExecutive Committe EMH Gothenborg March 2011

Executive Committee EMH Gothenborg, March 2011

Working Group meeting Vigo May 2008 


Working Group meeting Helsinki October 2007

Executive Committee Meeting Admannshagen July 2007