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European Maritime Heritage EMH is a non-governmental organisation for private owners of traditional ships, as well as for maritime museums and other interested bodies.

The objectives of EMH exclude any pursuit of profit, and are:

to encourage mutual cooperation between the extensive community of organisations in Europe, including museums, involved in keeping maritime heritage alive

to act as a conduit for the flow of advice and assistance between such organisations to contribute to the mutual understanding of different maritime cultures and increase public awareness of those cultures, by organising a triennial congress

to identify and promote historic water-borne links between European regions, publicising the role of waterways as a cultural bridge between the nations

to study and resolve common problems identified in the course of preserving and operating traditional craft in Europe

to provide official organisations of the European Union with a representative and consultative service on all aspects of preserving and operating historic boats and vessels

avec le patronage de l'agence européene pour la culture